AWAL Plastics

At Awal Plastics we have not only brought innovation to signage systems and wayfinding, but also innovated in the way we communicate with our customers. We’re bringing elements of design and heritage to our communication.


Intervine Fire Protect LLC supplys the architectural and commercial building industry with innovative solutions for specialized glazing needs. Intervine is the recognized leader in the fire-rated glass and framing field, working closely with design professionals, and manufacturers to identify glass and framing solutions for the wide-ranging requirements of today’s commercial & residential buildings


RUBINELLI MOBILI is a company that can draw on more than one hundred years of tradition – over all that time, it has stayed true to its original values and, to this day, remains committed to producing high-quality products and delivering high-quality services.


Tiaso is the benchmark manufacturer in the market allowing for all types of office partition work ranging from the classic to the designer look.

TOLI Corporation

In 1919, TOLI Corporation started its operation in Itami, Hyogo prefecture as the first linoleum manufacturer in Japan. By developing products such as vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets, and carpets, TOLI became recognized as a major floor covering company. Later on, TOLI also began to make curtains, wall coverings, and many other products, and became successful as a general manufacturer of interior goods.